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  1. Assessing the extent of Gas Flaring in Egypt.
  2. Demonstrating the business case for Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) recovery.
  3. Achieving Zero Flaring.

Founded in 1987, to represent the interests of the gas industry stakeholders in one strong voice by emphasizing the benefits of natural gas as a clean, abundant, efficient and local secure energy source.
EGA’s diverse members recognize that the natural gas provides solutions for Egypt’s environmental & economic goals.
The EGA is as a non-profit organization, and works under the Egyptian social affairs law, rules & regulations, by the decree No. (3637) for year (1989).

Key messages

  • The global gas market is encountering numerous challenges in an overall growth context. Whether the current weakness is cyclical (the IHS view) or structural remains to be seen.
  • LNG developers are in a competitive game of ‘musical chairs’
    • Lower oil prices make project development more challenging
    • US Lower-48 projects remain commercially competitive and most easily executable
  • Producers need new business models and applications in order to monetize growing global gas reserve inventories
  • Contract and trading structures are evolving

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