The Egyptian Chamber of Engineering Industries corresponded with both the ministries of petroleum and industry, as well as Petrogas, in regards to the undersupply of butane tanks to Meet Ghamr aluminum manufacturers. The original daily supply deal was for 3,000 tanks, yet Meet Gahmr facilities are currently receiving only 200 tanks per day, reported Bawabet Al Ahram.

The Chamber of Engineering Industries’ Deputy Chief, Mohamed El Mohandes, stated that Meet Ghamr factories depend on butane tank deliveries since the national grid for natural gas transmission does not reach the city.

El Mohandes added that the factories have resorted to purchasing their butane needs from the black market at EGP 40 , an 48% inflated rate when compared to the agreed purchase price with Petrogas at EGP 27.

The drop in Butane supply has disrupted the production of aluminum as factories are able to operate for only three days a week at 30% of the production capacity.