Egyptian Natural Gas Company’s (Gasco) Chairman and Managing Director, Karem Mahmoud, said the company has managed to distribute 48bcm of gas in Egypt in 2015 through the national network of natural gas, according to a press release received by Egypt Oil&Gas.

Mahmoud also explained that the distribution of gas included different consumption sectors in the local market and that the electricity sector uses around 64% of Egypt’s total consumption.

The company is currently working on implementing a number of projects to strengthen the national network’s capacity to transfer and distribute natural gas to consumers. In 2015, 162 km of main gas lines were added at an investment cost of EGP 1.3b. Therefore, the length of the national network’s main gas lines has reached 7,343 km and the network’s capacity has increased to 210mcm/d.

Mahmoud also added that there are plans to add 395 km of main gas lines during the next two years.

The announcement came during Gasco’s General Assembly meeting.