Egyptian-Jordanian FAJR for Natural Gas Transmission and Supply Company signed an agreement with Fine Hygienic Holding Company, one of the companies owned by Nuqul Group, to supply two of its factories with natural gas, reported Jordan Times.

The agreement followed the Jordanian government’s approval and plan to provide industries with natural gas. It states that FAJR Company will provide Fine Hygienic Holding’s Al Keena Hygienic Paper Mill and Al Snobar Hygienic Paper Mill Company with 3.2mcf/d of natural gas, reported Amman News Daily. Additionally, the agreement’s terms state that FAJR Company will establish and operate infrastructure needed to deliver natural gas to the 2 factories.

Nuqul Group’s Vice Chairman, Ghassan E. Nuqul, stated that the agreement with FAJR Company is expected to save 23% of the two factories’ costs after tax. Meanwhile, FAJR’s CEO, Fouad Rashad, said that the agreement is the first to be signed by FAJR to supply Jordanian industries with natural gas.

Furthermore, Jordanian Energy Minister Ibrahim Saif commented: “The agreement will help reduce production costs, ration the use of energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”