A government official told Egypt Oil&Gas that the strategic LPG reserves in Egypt increased to reach the level of sufficiency for 25 days, instead of 17 days. The increase will help to unblock production bottlenecks at the petroleum repositories.

In the announcement, the official added that the processes of allocating smart cards to Egyptian families will continue until 45 million LPG cylinders are distributed in an attempt to avoid any future crisis in the local market.

Furthermore, the government official pointed out that the smart cards system is to secure distribution of subsidized LPG cylinders in a manner that would completely eliminate the black market. The implemented smart cards structures will be resistant to any fraudulent activity or penetration of any sort, according to the official.

Meanwhile, the government has identified the number of families that are eligible to hold smart cards to have more accurate information and control over the distribution processes. There will be 18.8m families supported over 26 governorates in Egypt.