Egypt’s current natural gas production has decreased to 4.04bcf/d compared to 4.05bcf/d production at the beginning of August, reported Al Borsa News.

An official at Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Co (EGAS) stated that gas production rate may increase to 4.1bcf/d by the end of September and is expected to remain stable until the end of 2016, after linking several offset wells to national production to compensate for resource maturity that causes natural production decline of Egyptian gas by about 1.2bcf annually in.

The official attributed an increase in gas production of 700mcf/d to the addition of three wells at Eni’s Noorosconcession that will be brought into production in September.

The concession’s current production rates stand at over 350mcf/d of gas in addition to 3,000b/d of condensates.