Egypt’s natural gas production has decreased from 4.4bcf/d to 4.35bcf/d in October due to deficient speed of connecting new wells to the national grid to compensate for natural gas production ratio decline, reported Al Borsa citing a source with the Egyptian Gas Holding Company (EGAS).

The country’s gas production has been declining at a rate of 1.2bcf/year, while the volume of wells linked to the national grid came to no more than 700mcf/year of gas. The source further added that the daily decline averaged 45mcf/d from mature gas fields. He noted that EGAS has no immediate plans to add any new wells to the production grid during November.

In related news, Egypt Oil&Gas reported that the country’s production of natural gas is projected to rise to the level of 5bcf/d in the 2017/2018 fiscal year, yet gas imports are still to grow in order to cover boosting demand of gas in the local market that is currently estimated at 5.35bcf/d.