A press release to Egypt Oil&Gas stated that the Egyptian oil and gas sector has completed the main portage of the pipeline designed to pump natural gas to the industrial zone located in East Qantara City. The sector has also finalized a contract with the first factory in the zone and will complete the pipeline and start running the factory in the upcoming period.

These data was included in the report that was submitted by Sinai Gas’ CEO, Adel Khalil, to the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla.

El Molla pointed out that the project for pumping gas to the East Qantra Industrial Zone is a part of the petroleum sector’s program to supply clean energy to factories instead of liquid fuel. This aims to encourage industrial and commercial projects as well as touristic projects in the area. The program comes in parallel to the ministry’s plan to deliver natural gas to households in the area in order to provide citizens with excellent services. To date, the ministry has pumped gas to around 3,500 households.

Meanwhile, Khalil, stated that Egypt has finished indexations for three factories in order to contract them to deliver gas. He added that Sinai Gas runs pressure-reducing station in New Ismailia and it has established pipelines in order to facilitate delivering gas to households in the city. The company has also started building pressure-reducing station and pipelines in West Qantara to deliver gas to more than 2,000 consumers in 2017.