Egypt established its first animal manure to biogas project in Bertbat, Maghagha, in Minya governorate. Maghagha’s Mayor, Sayed Helmy, stated that the project aims to produce methane gas through the use of livestock manure, reported Egypt Independent. Head of Bertbat local council, Khaled Abdel Halim, added that the project is composed of an underground tank that has two openings through which livestock manure is passed, with the resulting biogas passed to villages via pipelines.

The project comes as a part of the Hayah for Local Development program, which is executed in cooperation with Agritech for Environmental Agriculture, Biomax Informatics AG, and the UN Industrial Development Organization.

As an alternative to natural gas, biogas will have a role in solving the shortage of cooking gas in Egypt. Animal manure will also help in producing alternatives to LPG and nitrogenous fertilizers, thus it will save money used to buy chemical fertilizers.