Supply and Internal Trade Directorate at Matrouh Governorate is executing a project to deliver natural gas through 4 phases at cost EGP 120m.

The Directorate’s General Manager, Al Sayed Abu Al Yazeed, stated that the project delivered natural gas to 5,000 consumers during the first phase. He added that the project will be completed within 2019 to link natural gas demands to 30,000 consumers, reported Al Borsa.

Abu Al Yazeed explained that each citizen consumes around 3 butane gas bottles a month at cost EGP 54, however, after pumping natural gas each citizen will only pay EGP 14 in monthly fees.

He added that supply directorate had submitted the project to the governorate in 2011, which was approved by the Minister of Petroleum back then. But, the project was halted in 2015 due to the instability of the country.  Accordingly, the government granted 6,000 meters land for the project in the Palace road in order to establish a gas energy reducing plant, then pipelines were built by Gas Regions Company (REGAS).