A source at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) stated to Egypt Oil&Gas that the Egypt will lift subsidies from butane bottles, for wealthy citizens, by 2019 after applying butane coupons that are expected to be applied within 2017.

The source added that the government’s plan include lifting butane subsidies from upper classes within the fourth quarter of 2017 because the cost of fuel subsidies has reached EGP 60 per 1 butane bottle.

The source explained that the government’s plan is pending the parliament’s approval to be executed during 2017. He added that the plan is not in reference with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources as it is to be decided by the parliament and the higher authorities.

The government has prepared a database of the families that need butane subsidies. The database included 19.3m families that will receive 18 coupons per year to buy 3 butane bottles every two months at EGP 10 per bottle. The source concluded that EGPC is currently pumping 1m butane bottle per day across governorates to avoid a supply shortages at butane warehouses.