A source from the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) stated to Egypt Oil&Gas that EGPC has enough butane reserves to cover 15 days of the local market demands. This comes as the demand in butane market is stable and the government is pumping enough butane to cover consumption across all governorates. He added that EGPC is importing 500,000 tons of butane per month with credit facilities from Arab countries until the USD prices stabilizes.

EGPC will pump 1m butane gas tank per day until the end of November 2016, with the possibility of increasing the number if required. Cairo will receive 30% of the butane gas tanks, while EGPC’s operations will distribute the remaining 70% to other governorates according to a specified schedule. Additionally, Nasr Petroleum Company CEO, Mohamed Ahmed Eliwa, stated that the company provided $769m worth of of butane, naphtha, benzene, diesel, mazut and Asphalt’s to local markets.