Egypt’s natural gas production increased from 4.45bcf/d in November 2016 to 4.5bcf/d, reported Al Borsa.

According to a source with the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) , new wells were linked to production, which resulted in an injection of 50mcf/d of gas, and increased the total output. The source added that Egypt reduced its gas imports from 950mcf/d to 900mcf/d, from which 800mcf/d is imported through the two Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU) in Ain Sokhna Port and 100mcf/d through the FSRU located in Jordanian Al Aqaba Port.

This comes as Egypt’s current local market demands are estimated at 5.2bcf/d of gas. The source at EGAS also stated that the gas consumption of electricity power plants decreased from 3.2bcf/d to 3bcf/d as a result of the temperature drop during the winter months.  Moreover, the sector delivers around 1.3bcf/d of gas to households, vehicles, and mid and low-consuming factories. It further pumps 950mcf/d of gas to high energy consuming factories. The sector also offers 200mcf/d for exportation through Edco Liquefaction Plant.