The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, met with Belarusian Ambassador to Egypt, Sergei Rachkov, to discuss possible cooperation between the two countries in the fields of petroleum and minerals, reported Al Wattan News. They also discussed the possibility of exchanging expertise and new technology in exploration in light of Belarus’ experience in the field.

El Molla affirmed the importance of boosting economic relations between Egypt and Belarus, as the Eastern Europe country had developed specially in the fields of oil, gas and minerals. He added that cooperation goes in light of Egypt’s strategy for the oil and gas industry to attracts foreign investments.

Belarusian Ambassador,  Sergei Rachkov , stated that his country has much expertise and new technologies in explorations in the fields of petroleum and minerals along with geological surveys in extracting phosphate, gold and different minerals considering the growing mineral activity in Egypt.