The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) agreed with the Ministry of Agriculture to prioritize supplying natural gas in the summer months to fertilizer factories that feed the local market, according toDaily News Egypt.

An official at EGAS told the press that approximately 307mcf/d of gas will be pumped to fertilizer factories, which is a part of their total requirement amounting to 510mcf/d. He further stated that the available amounts of natural gas are supplied to the Talkha, Abu Qir Fertilizers, MOPCO, and Al-Masriya Fertilizer’s two factories.

The official said that natural gas is no longer pumped to factories that export all their production. The Ministry of Petroleum gives priority to fertilizer factories that feed the local market, and does not provide gas to exporting factories.

An official source at the Helwan Fertilizer Company pointed out that EGAS had promised companies to begin pumping gas to factories, however, the amount of gas to be pumped is not yet decided. The source added that the factory’s share of gas before halting gas pumping in May was estimated at 1.2mcm/d.