An official at the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) stated to Egypt Oil&Gas that EGAS will pump 500mcf/d of gas to factories during January 2017 in order for the factories to continue work and to avoid any production halts. This came as EGAS is adding huge amounts of liquefies natural gas (LNG) to the national production grid.

Moreover, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporate’s (EGPC) Head, Tarek El Hadidy, stated that the Egyptian oil sector pumps around 75m tons of fuel daily in different governorates to cover needs of the local market. Besides, the sector injects around 50m tons of petrol and 25m tons of diesel in different governorates to avoid any crisis in power and industry sectors, reported Amwal Al Ghad.

EGAS’ source added that EGAS agreed with factories’ owners to pump gas on a monthly basis if the high consuming and middle consuming factories will pay their late dues. The company has agreed to let high consuming factories receive 350mcf/d of gas while the middle consuming factories would receive 150mcf/d of gas. However, it was noted that during summer months, gas pumped to factories will be decrease in order to boost the volumes delivered to power stations to secure citizens’ electricity needs.