The Egyptian Gas Holding Co (EGAS) is to modify high household gas bills, which passed EGP 2,000 and provoked public anger, an official source at EGAS stated to Al Watan News. Most of the invoices in question are charged for 6- to 12-month duration.

Gas distribution companies started reviewing the high bills and rereading gas meters in order to modify the invoice values. In case distributing companies face obstacles in checking domestic gas meters on a monthly bases, estimated monthly consumption will be calculated as an average of total consumption over the period that has lapsed from the last reading.

Pricing tiers will be specified according to the estimation of each month separately. There are three pricing tiers for gas consumption. Consumption up to 25m3  is priced at EGP 0.4, from 25 to 50mat EGP 1, and the third tier is a consumption of more than 50mat EGP 1.5 per cubic meter.