Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, met with Dana Gas’ Director in Egypt, Iman Hill, and Dana Gas’ Ge​neral M​ana​ger in Egypt, Michael Pyszka in the attendance of the Ministry’s First Under Secretary of Gas Affairs, Mohamed Moanes, the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company’s (EGAS) CEO, Mohamed El Masry, and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation’s (EGPC) CEO, Tarek El Hadidy, reported Amwal Al Ghad.

During the meeting, they reviewed that the company’s plans for its joint venture El Wastani Petroleum Company (WASCO) to drill new wells to be added to production, as well as linking existing wells from Balsam field to production.

The company produces 195mcf/d of natural gas, 6200b/d of condensates and around 220 tons of gas per day. WASCO eyes increasing production by 40mcf/d of natural gas and 2000b/d of condensates.

They further discussed the situation of renting and installing a temporary gas processing unit to handle production until the expansion work at Al Wastani’s main processing station ends.

The attendees also reviewed the company’s drilling plans during the second half of 2016/2017 as it plans to drill two new wells in its concession area as well as a third exploratory well in Balsam field. The minister and his guests discussed the results of drilling Mocha well in Al Matrya concession that was granted to Dana Gas as a partner of BP. They further talked about the situation of drilling the second well in the deep layers in Delta Nile.