Executive Chairman of the International Gas Union (IGU) and Chairman of the Egyptian Gas Association (EGA), Engineer Khaled Abu Bakr, stated that the preparatory meetings for the G20 on the International Gas Day, which will be held in Beijing in September 2016, have caught a large interest due to Egypt’s participation in the summit.

Eng. Abu Bakr said that there was an international interest in Egypt to participate in the summit for the first time. The recommendations made at the preliminary meetings regarding the future of the gas industry were reviewed in order to present them to the leaders’ meeting.

The current discussions briefly tackled the prospects of the gas industry in Egypt, especially after its great discoveries in the Mediterranean Sea. These discoveries are looked out for internationally, which have put Egypt on the international gas map.

Eng. Abu Bakr further added that meetings’ participants affirmed that Egypt is entering the group of gas producing countries with a strong position, which opens the gates to starting mega industries, in the coming period, which will boost the added value of the Egyptian gas, greatly contribute to the development of the Egyptian economy’s capabilities, and increase growth rates.

He also pointed out that energy is one of the pillars of boosting sustainable economic growth. It is most prominently increasing the operation and production rates as well as boosting attractiveness for investments at the same time. Egypt is simultaneously proposing its unprecedented investment agenda in all its investment sectors to the world.