The British Petroleum (BP) intends to produce 600mcf of gas per day from Taurus and Libra fields in Northern Alexandria by the end of April. BP will pay 30 cents for each million cubic feet processed for the station owner, Royal Dutch Shell, Al Borsa reported.

The project includes developing five fields, starting with Taurus and Libra, by linking them to the onshore processing facilities of Borollos Company by the second quarter of 2017.

In addition, an official source at the Petroleum Sector said that the company is working on connecting pipelines between the treatment plants in Borollos and Northern Alexandria fields. He also explained that the Ministry of Petroleum’s plan aims to accelerate producing from the Northern Alexandria project, following production halt since 2011 due to political and security unrest in Egypt.

BP will also link Giza and Fayoum fields during the third quarter of 2019 through using onshore  processing facilities of Rasheed Company, in addition to adding new equipment and facilities to cope with the gas type produced from these fields.